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The primary purpose of Karankawas.com is threefold: (1) to be an accurate and authoritative source of information on the Karankawas; (2) to provide an outlet where I can write about interesting topics relating to the Karankawas that do not quite fit into my thesis; (3) a location to host my thesis on historical overcorrection and the Karankawas’ anthropophagy.


Howdy, I am Tim Seiter, a History student at the University of Houston currently in the process of wooing graduate programs. My research interests are that of borderlands, colonialism, Native American Studies, and the North American West. My honors thesis on Karankawa Indian cannibalism incorporates all of these fields and shows that the Karankawas practiced a cannibalism that colonizers embellished and used as a mechanism to destroy the Karankawa Peoples. Although some historians believe that “cannibal” is a term too tainted by colonial rhetoric to hold any semblance of truth, to outright deny or overlook this cultural trait of not just the Karankawas, but of multiple Texas Native American groups, washes away their history and agency. Fully treating First Peoples as human means that as historians we must recognize that Indians, like Europeans, had cultural practices that are considered stomach-churning.

After sufficiently clanking on the computer, I go about clanking on rock. My sights are set on multi-pitching Enchanted Rock, a nasty, Elvis-leg inducing slab jutting out of the Texas Hill Country. Another hobby of mine is kayaking. Recently three friends and I kayaked from Port O’Connor to Matagorda Island to take pictures of the Karankawas’ environment and the location of La Salle’s Grand Camp. Check out Excursion Five on the Photography page for more on the adventure. When I am not kayaking, rock climbing, reading, writing, or working on my thesis, I’m probably enjoying a film. Some of my favorite movies include Barry LyndonIn Bruges, and Fargo — reflecting on the list, I suppose I am a fan of dark comedies. 

I’d love to hear from you about any questions about the Karankawas or if you can help in my research. Please leave me a line below.