Archive Acknowledgements

Karankawas’ Online Archive has benefited from the help of the following:

The Karankawa Kadla – Supporting this endeavor.

Andrés Vázquez Arreguín – Translating select documents.

Elmer Josue Villalobos- Translating select documents.

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda – Editing a fellowship application for archival funding.

Samantha Dodd – Informing me of Protocols for Native American Archival Material and general guidance.

Jessica Ceeko – Aiding in the format and structure of the archive.

Austin J. Miller – Editing a fellowship application for archival funding.

Connie Ma – Comments on organizational aesthetic.

Gary Pinkerton – Incredible source locator and an invaluable colleague.

Michael Sparkman – For publicizing the site and creating a wonderful podcast.

Margaret Schlankey – Generously answered constant questions about the Bexar Archives and provided PDFs of the BA’s sources.

John Wheat – Prodigiously translated Spanish Texas materials. John deserves far more praise than this acknowledgement page.

Younkyoung Lee – Auditing the archival space.