PURS Timeline

Week 1-3:  Acquire and read the majority of books and sources listed as unread on my bibliography. Additionally, begin putting together interview questions, assembling first hand accounts of the Karankawas nineteenth-century appearance for the commissioned painting, and edit the in-progress Karankawa timeline.

Week 4-5: Finish two blog posts on the Karankawas.com website and send off a packet of first hand appearance accounts of the Karankawa for the commissioned artist to work with, which should take approximately two months to complete the finished painting. Moreover, send emails and letters to selected historians requesting a video interview for my historiographical series.

Week 6-7: Begin writing on the extinction of the Karankawa and a historiography of the Karankawa. Furthermore, publish the first half of the edited timeline of European contact with the Karankawa: Cabeza de Vaca’s landing on Follets Island in 1528 to Gaspar Jose de Solis’ inspection tour in 1768.

Week 8-9: Continue writing on these two topics. The goal at the end of these two weeks is to have at-least ten pages completed.

Week 10-11: Finish the rough draft of my paper on the Karankawas extinction, continue work on the Karankawa timeline, and have published two more blog-posts on the Karankawas.com website.

Week 12-13: Send off work to multiple readers for revision and edits.

Week 14 -15: Publish the commissioned painting, interview series, second half of the timeline, and research about the Karankawa on Karankawas.com.