Summer Timeline

*including weekly summer Brown Bag Lectures each Wednesday from noon – 1 p.m.

In The Weeks Preceding: I will order and acquire the priority sources listed on the Planned Bibliography page. Then, I will begin to read through these sources, and continue to narrow and shape the goal of the project based on the information gathered. I will also be emailing professors at the colleges I plan to be visiting, and setting up times and appointments to meet with them. On top of this, I will be putting together a list of trees, fish, and other items used by the Karankawa that will need to be photographed during the next ten weeks.

Week 1-3:

  • Visit University of Texas Bexar Archives and all other phase 1 locations mentioned on the Locations to Visit page.
  • Read all the primary sources, all the letters, mentioned in Planned Bibliography.
  • Speak to faculty at University of Texas and many other universities about the Karankawa.
  • By the end of these weeks, I will have a clear outline of my paper on the Karankawa indians along with an idea of any accompanying informational handouts or side projects I would like to create.

Week 4-7:

  • Visit phase 2 locations listed on the Locations to Visit page.
  • Photograph at these locations; taking images of the flora, fauna, and what modern things currently reside there.
  • During this time, the writing of the comprehensive thirty or so page paper will be in full swing.

Week 8-10:

  • Visit all the phase 3 dig sites mentioned in Ricklis’ ecological study of the Karankawa.
  • By the 9th week, the rough draft of the paper, with images included, should be completely finished.
  • The 10th week will be used to edit, and sharpen the paper to be more concise. I will be sending it off to multiple readers so that I will be receiving a variety of input.
  • At the end of these 10 weeks, I will post my finished research onto this very website.