The Karankawa-Spanish War from 1778 to 1789: Attempted Genocide and Karankawa Power

Southwestern Historical Quarterly has published my latest article on the Karankawa-Spanish War. The following is an abstract: 

This article is a narrative history of the little-known Karankawa-Spanish War. It has two primary purposes. The first is to uncover and name the actions attempted by the Spaniards against the Karankawas as genocidal by documenting three major attempts of annihilation led by Athanase de Mézières, Domingo Cabello y Robles, and Nicholas de La Mathe. The second purpose is to show how this attempted annihilation acted as a mechanism for various Karankawa tribes to consolidate into a more unified body. In the process of achieving these goals, this piece also demonstrates how Native Americans familiar with the Spaniards’ customs and language acquired advantages for themselves and their tribe and how shipwrecks served as a means of bypassing typical webs of trade for the Karankawas.

For a full version, visit the Texas State Historical Association.

If you are unable to access the article through TSHA please reach out to me personally.

Art by Michelle Huang

Karankawa War Painting (1)

2 thoughts on “The Karankawa-Spanish War from 1778 to 1789: Attempted Genocide and Karankawa Power

  1. Thanks, Tim! I’ve tried setting up an account so I can read the article.

    You are awesome for keeping us in the loop.

    -Cari (aka “Yvette Ortega” on social media)

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  2. Hey Tim, looks interesting, can yo send me a copy.

    Do you know of any known Karankawa village sites.


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