New Frequently Asked Questions Page

Our new Frequently Asked Questions page has reached its first stage of completion! It dispels common misconceptions about the Karankawa peoples and shows visitors that the Karankawas are still active today. Some of the corrected myths include the coastal peoples’ “giant” height and their supposed Caribbean origins. Each answer is accompanied by footnotes with primary sources that can be directly viewed.

Over the next few months, new topics will be added to the FAQ page. Some of these subjects include clan structure, hunting practices, musical instruments, smoke-signaling, and tattoos.

The Karankawa Archive will also be receiving an update in January. This time, secondary sources related to the Karankawas will be added in their entirety.

If you have any questions that you would like addressed, or if you have any unique documents, pictures, or stories related to the Karankawa peoples, feel free to reach out.

5 thoughts on “New Frequently Asked Questions Page

  1. I still would like to know more about the Karankawa Wolves. The somewhat domesticated small red wolves that the tribe hunted “along” with. After the colonists killed many of the Karankawas… the wolves dispersed! There have been recent sightings along the coast and ranches surrounding the beach and area.

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    1. Hello Dawn, there is limited primary source information on these dogs or small wolves. Even so, I’ll make sure to compile it in January and add it to the FAQ. Thanks for the suggestion! If you have any more, let me know.


  2. Hi Tim, Quite a collection, thanks.  Not Karankawa related- In your research have you run across any unique documents concerning Trinidad de Salcedo. I am working with a group that has access to ranch land along the east bank of Trinity east of Midway. Land and town lots appeared to have been allocated but we have not found any Spanish documents pertaining to these land divisions 1807-1813. The town was burned down after the McGee-Guterrez expedition and subsequent land grants issued after revolution. If you have or do run across and references I would appreciate you passing on. 

    thank you


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